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Based on the future Naruto MMO, Shinobi Life Online, this roleplay site will give the characters, clans and organizations meaning. Its your shinobi life. Live it!
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 Kako No Yami

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PostSubject: Kako No Yami   Kako No Yami I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2016 10:23 am

Kako No Yami

Kako No Yami L9xD1fV

Founder: Seraph Kirishima (The Judge)

Leader: Allake Kirishima (Sage)
Kuria Akagi
Tomoko Fukuro

Affiliation: Independent


Enemies: N/A

History: (coming soon)

Purpose/Goals: We are known to many as Shadow of the past and our purpose is to stand by what is right and to do the right thing at all times whether we have to spill blood or take in those outcast and rogues. We will give second chances to those who've lost everything and we will fuel their fire for vengeance. Kako No Yami goals are to give justice to the corrupted world we live in and give it a second chance to be reborn as a peaceful world.

Unique features: We are very organized and we try to stay true to our beliefs and rules, we do not care if you were kicked or left on your own accord from another organization.

Rankings: The Judge[/glow] (Makes Final Judgment on Decisions)
Seraph Kirishima[/glow] (Discord and Member Management)

[b]4 Horsemen OF The Apocalypse(Relay Concerns And Advice About The Organization)

Death- Allake Kirishima  (In Charge Of The Forums)

Conquest- Tomoko Fukoro (Leader Of Strategy And War Games)

Famine- Kuria Akagi (Deals With InGame Events/ Recruitment Power Of Denying Applicants If Needed)

War-  (Deals With The Advisors/ Anyone who Dares To Start A War With The Organization They Will Be The One Representing The Organization as a Messanger)

Advisors To The Council (Only Very Few Can Obtain This Rank, Used To Relay To The Horsemen About Quarrels And Real Issues):


1. Follow the chain of command (EX- Advisory, 4 Horsemen, Judge)
2. Never tell our secerts to other Clans/Organizations
3. Never Kill another member in the organization
4. Disrespect will not be tolerated

Apply Here
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Kako No Yami
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