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 Blackbox Organization

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Quote :

Blackbox Organization YcWMDFA
What is Blackbox?
Blackbox is an organisation that consists of undercover members with varying combat skills. We are a controversial union; in a sense that we serve for both justice and corruption for our own personal gain - we do not pick sides.

Who founded the organisation?
Blackbox was founded by [member=16141]Snoopy[/member] [member=2926]Mars[/member]

What is our goal?
We would be honoured to work alongside the local Kage in undergoing black operations to not only serve and benefit the village but ourselves also. Ultimately our main task is to improve and enhance each other individually within the organisation, whether it be through the revenue from missions set by the Kage or individual personal deeds.

At the moment Blackbox is not stationed at a set location and does not have headquarters, simply for the fact that our members are scattered around the world in different villages and are constantly moving about. However this is not to say that we will never have a place of rendezvous, if anything does come about then obviously word will go around to the members.

Who can join Blackbox?
Blackbox is an organisation with a basic principle. Our goal is to work together to achieve glory and ultimately help one another grow independently outside of Blackbox. Everyone is encouraged to join regardless of background.
We are looking for ninja with dedication who strive for self-improvement.

Who is our targeted audience?
Not everyone can join, not at all. Blackbox is not for everyone because not everyone will be able to handle the physical and psychological challenges that working with us will bring. This post is targeting users who:

  • Are willing to train on schedule with the rest of the squad. Failing to do so will only bring drawbacks to Blackbox and mostly yourself as you will be missing out on valuable practice.

  • Are mature, serious and responsible when dealing with missions sent by officials and citizens. You act like a 3 year old and you’ll be treated like a 3 year old.

  • Will keep the information that circulates around the organisation a secret and out of the reach of casuals.

  • Have a good understanding of the meaning and value of team-work but prioritise the organisation over relationships during missions. We need missions complete at all costs. Failure to do so will trigger consequences.

  • Not only will you prioritize the organisation over relationships, you will prioritize the organisation over your own life. In case of being captured, suicide is expected to prevent secrets being let out.

  • Are intelligent and think rationally at all times. We want strong minds!

What’s in it for you?
Members of Blackbox will be paid reasonably by the founders, and founders only for every successful mission completed, simply because this demonstrates that you are capable of working well as a collective member, are a responsible and reliable asset to the organisation and understand that the organisation comes first before your social needs.
Members will be paid in:

  • Currency (cash)

  • Weapons/Armor

  • Misc. Items

  • Jutsu scrolls

What’s in it for us?
Due to missions being our only revenue, we kindly ask that every member donates 10% of total gain in currency towards Blackbox. Essentially you’ll be helping everyone out by investing into the organisation in the long run. This helps us all develop independently and improve thanks to the joined effort.
Members are also strongly encouraged to drop off any unwanted items in the org stash for everyone to be able to use.

What are the roles?
As of this moment, we do not have roles for our members - you either partake as a normal member or a founder.
More roles are to come as the game develops further and eventually reaches open beta and full release.
Roles such as the following will be introduced:

  • Spy - Self explanatory. You will be responsible for gathering information about individuals, organisations, clans and villages in a secretive way. If you have been captured and face interrogation, suicide is the best option you have, as exposing information about Blackbox goes directly against the rules and regulations and will only lead to your downfall.

  • Interrogator - Self explanatory. If you are an interrogator, you are in-charge of squeezing as much information from captured hostages as possible. Hostages will be slain either-way, so be prepared for blood-splatter and screams.

  • Analyst - Once obtaining the role of an analyst, your job is to deduct data from various sources and create visual graphs for display. Examples of data:

-Daily/Weekly/Monthly income of the org.
-Comparisons between individuals, clans, organisations etc.
-How much chakra is used up and how to use most effectively and efficiently.

  • Strategist - As a strategist, your task is to have a good understanding of combat and other areas of SLO to deliver the best possible pathways to success. You must calculate a lot of factors when making decisions. Your brain is your strength.

  • Medic - A healer will be sent to go with every dispatched Blackbox squad for obvious reasons. Your job is to nurse injured ninja during missions and genuinely assist at all times.

Current members:
Kuria Akagi (Mars).
Nibui Akagi (Snoopy).
Shivraj (Kazuki Akagi)
Harukoo Tsukegami (mamoudou52404)
Crono Sabaku (Crono)
Konohuro Kirishima (Konohuro)
Kimoto (KimotoHaikye)

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Blackbox Organization
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