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 Chiitsuki Clan

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PostSubject: Chiitsuki Clan   Chiitsuki Clan I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 19, 2016 5:45 pm

Clan name: Chiitsuki

Clan logo: No logo as the Chiitsuki's are meant to represent the spirit of the forest

Founder:  Itsumo Chiitsuki the 1st

Leader:  Itsumo Chiitsuki (named after his great-grandfather)

Affiliation: Completely independant.  They have no use for money so no need to do ninja missions.  The Chiitsuki's only purpose is to protect the forest and nothing else.  They are located near the Hidden Forest Village and therefore local legends form of the gods of the forest.  Most legends and myths formed in the Hidden Forest Village are based of off the Chiitsuki's.  No one in any other village has ever seen them and thinks the tree gods are common myths.  

Clan history: 300 years ago a very skilled ninja for the Hidden Forest Village (Itsumo Chiitsuki) notice how the ninja train on the trees of the forest, often killing them.  Without explanation Itsumo could feel the pain of the trees, every blow and slice, as if it was on his own body.  Not being able to take it much longer Itsumo studied the wood style jutzu to find some solution.  He gained enough power to summon the "Tree of All Knowing".  Through this tree Itsumo had made a binding covenant.  Him and all the children beneath him must protect the trees even at the cost of their lives.  In return the trees will literally bend to their will allowing the Chiitsuki's full control of any tree (using a lot of chakra of course).  To keep the trees stronger than normal the Chiitsuki's allow the trees to feed on chakra of their fallen enemies making the trees wood more dense and stronger while still being able to bend like rubber.  The binding covenant with the trees allow the Chiitsuki's to live up to 100 years old.  

Unique traits: Every direct bloodline of the Chiitsuki's have green skin and hair that looks as if it is made of bushes and branches.  The Chiitsuki's posses a special skill.  They are able to carve a symbol into a tree binding their physical bodies as well alowing them to literally go inside the tree to hide.  The tree provides 100% protection from anything however the down fall is the tree will begin feeding of the Chiitsuki's chakra, making it impossible to stay inside for too long and making it useless for big fights, its main purpose is hiding.  Once inside the tree the Chiitsuki is able to use the root system to scan the area for chakra flowing into the ground (not effective for anyone flying or hovering).  The more trees the Chiitsuki is binded with the bigger the area they can scan.  All Chiitsuki's feel the pain of the tree they have physically binded with if it ever gets hit.  

Strengths: Ninjutsu, Stealth

Weaknesses: Genjutsu, Physical Strenght

Rankings: Because Chiitsuki's are off on their own they do not have a rank which make it difficult to judge how skilled a Chiitsuki is.

Members: Bradley TO / Itsumo Chiitsuki (the 2nd)

Allied Clans: Tatsumaki Clan

Rules: One must always protect the trees at all cost.
         One must never harm a tree intentionally.
          One must only do what would be best for the trees even if it means running from an enemy to avoid tree getting damaged or if it means attacking students who are training on trees.

Please let me know what you think Smile  I may have forgotten info but I have it all thought out so just ask me and I will answer Smile
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Chiitsuki Clan
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