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 Ookami Clan

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PostSubject: Ookami Clan   Ookami Clan I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 19, 2016 8:58 pm

Clan name: Ookami, means wolf in japanese

Clan symbol:
Ookami Clan Ookamiclanfinal

Leader: Kiyoshi Ookami (conteledemonte)

Affiliation: Hidden Forest

Clan history: Long time ago, at the beginning of shinobi world, it was a clan knwown for them courage in battle and their kindness. At the beginning they were hunters, they didn't have fear of anything, untill, a wolf big as 3 men attacked their little village, many of them died, few of them survived but they won, it sais that the leader of the clan had drunk the blood of the wolf and turned into a srong man as strong as an entire army, since then, tha clan was known as Ookami, the clan fighters wore wolves fur in stead of armours and wolves skulls in stead of helment. Whatever, they didn't attack anything without a good reason and never killed the children but also took care of orphans. But there was another reason of other clans jelousy, the Ookami's women, they were so beautiful and healty.
But the clan's descendants were continually getting lower. The only one left is Kiyoshi, his mission is to bring the old glorry of Ookami clan.

Unique traits:

  • yellow, green or black hair

  • blue or green eyes

Strengths: Very powerful ninjutsu users, but also kenjutsu.

Weaknesses: •Girls, they are as pervy as Jiraya.

Rival clans: None

•Ganju Ookami(lusifer)


  • Never kill without a good reason.

  • Always fight fair.

  • Treat your comrades well, don't think you're superior them.

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Ookami Clan
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