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 Toratsume Clan

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PostSubject: Toratsume Clan   Toratsume Clan I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 19, 2016 9:01 pm

Toratsume Clan
Toratsume Clan CzeUdj7

Clan Name: Toratsume
Clan Logo: Given as above
Founder: Tsumemoto "Toratsume" Yamazaki
Clan Leader: (Ichitsume-sama) Takeshi Toratsume
Affiliation: Morigakure
Clan History: The founder of the clan, the First Ichitsume, Tsumemoto Yamazaki was born in the village of Okagakure to Hamura and Shinju Yamazaki, vets and owners of a pet shop. His name means "The Orignal Claw".
One day, when Tsumemoto was 8 years old, he saw some shinobis training in the clearing near the woods close to his house. He crept near the ninjas for a better view but his presence was sensed by one of the ninjas and he mistook him for a spy and projected a shuriken toward him which Tsume intercepted in time and was able to throw it back towards the ninja with astonishing agility. The ninja appreciated his bravery and through a series of events, Tsumemoto was enrolled in the Oka Ninja school.
By age 15, Tsumemoto became a chunin and was sent on a spying mission in Morigakure. While on his way back to his village after successfully completing his mission, Toratsume encounters a badly wounded Tiger who was bleeding heavily. Tsumemoto had the knowledge of Feline treatment as he had veterinarian parents. He patched up the tiger and took him to his house where his father treated the beast. Soon, the Yamazaki family came to know that the tiger could talk and move like humans. He tells them his name- Toraichi the heir to the Tiger Tribe of the Dark forest, and the circumstances responsible for his near death.
The news of a talking tiger in the Yamazaki Household spread like wildfire in the village and people from around the village came to meet him. One day, a group of chunins, and friends of Tsumemoto, were passing by the Yamazaki household when they decided to pay a visit to the Talking tiger. When they entered the house, they saw the Tiger practicing a strange Taijutsu. The five chunins, thought to test the skills of the beast and play a prank on it. Tsumemoto, entered his home at that very instant and advised the chunins not to do so. But the mischievous chunins jumped on Toraichi to surprise him, The tiger, suddenly had the vision of the five assailants who had tried to kill him and in distress, unleashed his taijutsu on them as all the five unfortunate chunins dropped dead. Tsumemoto could'nt do anything as all this happened within a few seconds.

The news reached the Kage and no sooner the Tiger was ordered to be caught and executed in public to avenge the death of the five chunins. Tsumemoto defended Toraichi as he had witnessed the truth. He even spoke to the Kage of Hidden Hill, but it was of no use as the whole shinobi society was enraged at this act and even if he did take back his order, someone will surely kill him.
Tsumemoto then told the Kage that he is going to follow the path of truth and protect the Tiger at all costs. Even his life.

The Jonins started to attack the Yamazaki Home. In the skirmish, Tsumemoto lost his parents, who wanted to protect their son, but was able to escape the village with Toraichi. Both of them traveled for weeks before they finally reached Toraichi's settlement in the Dark Forest (Kuraimorio). Tsumemoto was praised, thanked and rewarded by Toraichi's father and the chief of the Tiger tribe. He told Tsumemoto that he had did what was just, even when everyone else went against him. He had the true spirit of a tiger and hence from that day onwards, he should be known as Toratsume (Tigerclaw) and signed the pact of Summoning with the Tigers, which explicitly states that, "Only an able and worthy Toratsume can summon the Tigers of the Kuraimorio".
Toratsume stayed with the tribe and trained with them in their Taijutsu, Tora no Waza, or "The Art of The Tiger". [It is with them that he develops the uninheritable Dojutsu, the "Ki-kyugan" or "the Golden eyeball" and masters it"]

Later by the age  of 35, Toratsume leaves the tribe to lead a nomadic life, during which he meets Kaori Kawaguchi and marries her. They have three children Hisashi, Hisoka and Haruo. Hisashi bonds with Ryota Ishikawa, a fire nature ninja with no memory of his past except that abandoned by his comrades. Later Ryota joins the clan as the sworn brother of Hiashi, thus giving the Toratsume clan Four orignal lineages.
The following is the family Chart of the Clan:
Toratsume Clan 13502983_1734394580172626_8875693117920163894_o
As of recent, A fateful friendship between Tatsuo Toratsume and Star Shizen led to an allegiance between the Toratsume and The Shizen Clan. The clan finally settles down in the village of Morigakure.

Unique Traits: The clan had led a nomadic life for a long while. The bloodline is of highly rare "hh" type, the Ryota lineage is exception since he is not Tsumemoto's son still, possesses another super rare blood group, the Rh-null type.
The Clan practices the secret Taijutsu called "Tora no Waza", which utilises brute force chakra and agility.
They are the only clan till date to have summoned the Tigers of the Kuraimorio.
The Primary Chakra type varies in the four lineages.  While Hiashi and Haruo lineages are Earth Release(they were able wood style users), Hisoka is a Water release kunoichi (the lineage consists of the most skilled water release user) and Ryota has fire Release(The most well-known fire usersof the Hidden Forest). Some clan members had mastered the Wood Release (Tsumemoto himself was a Wood release expert).
[The clan also keeps the secret of the Uninheritable Dojutsu- "Ki-kyugan".

Strengths: Mentally, the clan has superior observation and memorization capacities and have the knowledge of a lot of ninjutsus, taijutsus and genjutsus (even if they cannot perform them, they can identify any ninjutsu by the hand seals, taijutsu by the initial stance or attacks and prepare for it and are resistant to most of the genjutsus).

Physically, their  taijutsu is one of the most dangerous ever to exist and one of the most difficult to master.They also have massive chakra reserves which is a must for Earth release user. [in addition to that, their Dojutsu, enhances their visual prowess allowing them penetrable vision and to perform the ShinoKihikari (Gold light of death)]

Weaknesses: The only weakness the clan has is in the Ryota lineage which possess the Rh-null type of blood, due to which they are chronically anaemic and also have low chakra reserves.
The weaknesses of rest of the members varies from member to member.

Rival Clans: No specefic rival clan but the Toratsume Clan do think twice before making friends with rogue Ninjas as they had murdered and/or killed their clan members and used to harass them during their nomadic life.

Allied Clans:   Shizen_Clan
Toratsume Clan Logo%20Shizen_zpskqksjvgh

Rankings: Their is no formal rank structure, except for the Ichitsume-sama or "Lord First-claw" who is the most powerful Toratsume alive. Earlier, assigning missions and the Clan's welfare were the jobs of Ichitsume-sama, but after settling in Morigakure, most of the young Toratsumes have joined the Morigakure Shinobi Force, hence The only thing the Ichitsume has to worry about is the welfare of the Clan.

Members: Recruitment has started, once the members are selected, they would be alloted their families. (PS; I'm still new here so my first priority is to gain some reputation right now Smile )
before you apply, keep in mind that your primary chakra should either be earth or water (doton or suiton). You can be a Fire Release Ninja (Katon) if you want to join the Ryota lineage.
You must start the game as a citizen of MORIGAKURE. Then it depends on you, whether you want to join the Shinobi Army of the village or join any independent organisations or roam the world alone.
Also, if you noted it in the family tree, The clan follows the tradition of naming their progeny with 'H' and 'T' alternatively. The Ryota lineage is an exception where you find names beginning with 'R', 'Y' and 'T'. Hence I request to abide by the tradition, although it's not compulsory (i.e you can have your own name starting with any alphabet you choose Smile )
1)Tatsuo Toratsume
2)Tayuun Toratsume


Charecter name:
Primary Chakra Nature:
unique ability/Jutsu:
Which lineage will you prefer? (refer the family tree given above)
1) Hisashi Lineage (hh-type blood)(Earth Release)
2)Ryota Lineage (Rhnull- type blood)(Fire Release)
3)Hisoka Lineage (hh-type blood)(Water Release)
4)Haruo Lineage (hh-type blood)(Earth Release)
(The lineages are listed in order of eldest to youngest)
What made you choose this clan?

Application Template:

[center][b]APPLICATION FORM[/b][/center]
[b] Charecter name:[/b]
[b]Primary Chakra Nature:[/b]
[b]unique ability/Jutsu:[/b]
[b]Which lineage will you prefer?[/b] [b](refer the family tree given above)[/b]
1) [color=green]Hisashi Lineage [i](hh-type blood)[/i][/color](Earth Release)
2)[color=orange]Ryota Lineage [i](Rhnull- type blood)[/i][/color](Fire Release)
3)[color=navy]Hisoka Lineage [i](hh-type blood)[/i][/color](Water Release)
4)[color=green]Haruo Lineage [i](hh-type blood)[/i][/color](Earth Release)
[i](The lineages are listed in order of eldest to youngest)[/i]
[b]What made you choose this clan?[/b]

Rules: will be declared after at least 5 Members join.

Text in red talks about the Clan's Kekkei Genkei, which as suggested by the others will have a really low probability to exist in my clan, if my clan ever happens. anyways, its just and Idea. Click Here to know more about Ki-kyugan. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Toratsume Clan   Toratsume Clan I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 19, 2016 10:23 pm

I'm so happy Smile
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Toratsume Clan
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