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  Sabaku Kuchikomi Clan

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[quote author=SirTroll link=topic=2097.msg29454#msg29454 date=1454781297]
[size=18pt] The Sabaku Kuchikomi[/size]
The Desert Nomads of Hokorigakure

 Sabaku Kuchikomi Clan NgCbiR5
Founder: Vizier

Leader: Vizier

[font=trebuchet ms]The Sabaku Kuchikomi are completely devoted to the Hidden Dust village.

Clan history:
 Sabaku Kuchikomi Clan Desert_wizard_by_incineratedmortality-d4fj1gy

[size=14pt]Before there were villages...[/size]

Long before the walls of Hokorigakure, and the thriving ninja village that Hoko has become now, the desert was a barren, and hostile land. Before there was irrigation, water rationing, collection and control, those who wished to live in the deepest deserts away from the close and known oases lived in a brutal, and dangerous world. The wildlife, the conditions, the very environment they lived in, was meant to kill them. Here, in this world where so many perish, a small group of tightly knit, and well organized people don't just survive, they thrive, having built an entire civilization where most say no civilization is to be found.

It was said that the first of the Sabaku Kuchikomi was banished, along with their closest comrades, for causing a great disagreement within some long lost place, a beautiful land of grasses, lakes, oceans, and trees. This group went deep into the deserts, where many of them perished, save for a select few, who turned to their captor, the desert, and begged to learn it's ways. When nothing came but silence, they knew that it was not by the power of some Gods, or even the desert itself which would bring their salvation, but their own determination, toughness, and resourcefulness with what little they had.

These first ones, it is said, built the first civilization in the deserts, first finding the ways to draw water up from the ground, to capture the precious waters, engineer rivers and create their own havens on earth. They used the luxuries they found in the desert, hidden and exotic spices, special gemstones and herbs found nowhere but in the most dangerous and desolate recesses, animal parts for healing poultices, and other riches that were hidden all around them, turning their castles of sand into an empire rivalling the lands from which they were banished. They found their punishment in the very decadence they had created, forgetting the lessons the desert had taught. Droughts, war, and famine lead to a total collapse of the empire, causing many of those who had become too accustomed, too soft, to perish in the unforgiving wastes once more. Only those with great will to survive once more kept on.

Many things were forgotten. The nomads again realized the power in their natural ways. They began to trade with other tribes, keeping on the move, and never again growing complacent. From this, they learned many languages, and understood many different texts. Their goods were traded to the farthest reaches of the continent, but not for gold, or riches, but for goods to better help them survive, to keep themselves lean and hungry. They learned from the past, and their ruins. Many of this clan became scholars, studying not only their own, but other cultures, histories, and lessons. Archaeologists, Historians, Poets, Philosophers, Hunters, Traders, Gatherers, every man and woman filled many roles. The unification of mind, body, and spirit, in the harshness of the desert becoming key above all things.

When the village of Hoko came to be, many of the desert nomads from the deepest desert began to trade with them, and share their long kept knowledge that they had gathered from the ruins. They became invaluable as intellectuals, often trading goods, as well as services as architects, engineers, historians, and other knowledge keepers, using their math and sciences to help build an empire. And yet, it was an empire that few of them would care to stay in. The racial and cultural lessons imparted with the tribe ran deep. They knew the mistakes that had been made, and their people could not be made to suffer further. When asked to join the new city, half had agreed.

That half agreed, only on the condition that their children be forced to live in the harsh deserts with the other half of the tribe, and those born in the desert came for a small time as children to learn the ways of the empire. This way, all of their kind knew to not grow complacent, knew how it was to survive, to starve, to go hungry, and learned the cultural and historical records of their clan, as well as being taught all the fundamental knowledge's in the arts and sciences. Their resourcefulness and intelligence, and sheer physical power makes them worthy adversaries and dangerous opponents.

Powerful Genjutsu

Water or Cold-based jutsu

Rival clans:

Allied clans:
The Kirishima Clan of Inferunogakure
The Hottokazan Clan of Kazangakure
The Sandāreisu Clan of Shogekihagakure

[size=10pt]SirTroll - Vizier (Leader)
Kildrake - Kildrake
mattaleks - matt
AykMetron - Shinsuke
Gray Fullbuster - Gray Fullbuster
Yellow Flash - Yellow Flash
xXRenXx - Ren
Drasholav - Drasholav
Sesquip - Gorudo
DarthTyrael - Hayame[/size]

Betrayal of the Clan – Death
Betrayal of Hokorigakure – Torture, imprisonment in conditions worse than death.
Revealing clan or village secrets – Death
Killing allied Clansmen (not in self-defence) – Given to the other clan, they can choose your punishment
Insubordination – depending on the seriousness, from Exile to Demotion.

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Sabaku Kuchikomi Clan
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