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 Maindo Clan

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PostSubject: Maindo Clan   Maindo Clan I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 19, 2016 9:15 pm

[quote author=popcornfrenzy link=topic=1936.msg25863#msg25863 date=1447818380]
[size=20pt] Clan Name: Maindo Clan

[size=10pt]Clan logo:[/size]
Maindo Clan Maindo%20clan%20Logo_zpsmuekiahx

Ino-Shika-Cho Formation
Mind-Maindo Clan
Power-Sandeirasu Clan

Sano Maindo(Deceased)
[color=purple]Siano Maindo(Deceased)

[b]Affiliation: Village Hidden in Hill

Clan Business: Pet Shop of the Hidden Hill

Clan history: ]It all started in a long ago shinobi war,where shinobi's fights for their territory and claims each one can find but one particular man tried to think of secret ninjutsu that anyone would'nt know,He then secretly practice a jutsu,he called it [glow=red,2,300]Mind Transfer Jutsu[/glow] which can posses a target in a distance, can be use to read mind and controls it's body but in order for to be succesful he needs to make the person stand still,years passed then he gathered all his known friends and villagers and build the clan together and inherit clan's earings for every new leader.One day Sano Maindo fought a very powerful ninja which he cant focus on landing attacks on,soon he is killed by it,But before battling the powerful ninja in a war without proper focus he lost his last shot for his heroic deeds the clan suddenly turned dim,they offer empathy for the person who build and nourish the clan,after this various of leader some lost lives,currently Siano Maindo a strong and inteligent ninja became new leader of the clan whose known for her skills as a spy and runs the petshop for the clan's income though one she fought a strong ninja named Kamo whose a fast,agile and a strong shinobi who is known for his skills got an information that someone is spying on his village and got sent for a mission to kill the person whose spying the village,He killed Siano in a fight with her...after this fight people lost faith in Maindo Clan and consider the clan the weakest of them all...after sometime the clan started to reduce,only few members known left,by today they are known as great sensory type ninjas as well as spy ninjas of Hidden Hill but due to the fewer shinobi's joining still the clan have manage to survive and maybe someone will make a change and bring the clan's name popular again...

Unique traits:They are known to have long blonde pony tail hair and also their names ends with no,it seems to be traditional

Strengths: They excel in Ninjutsu,Sensing,Predicting Moves

Weaknesses: Must focus on target and watch out for Taijutsu users as they are fast and agile so if your fighting a tai user just find a way to trap it or do your best to hold them off long enough

Rival clans: None

Allied clans:
Pawa-me Clan
Sandeirasu Clan

[color=purple]Clan Leader
Clan Councils
Clan Members:
Spy Branch
Intel Branch
Normal Clan Member

Sub Leader:Saino Maindo (popcornfrenzy)
Normal Clan Member:Masaruno Maindo(gpjungle)

Respect Members
Don't let them know our secrets (If you tell the secret there's a punishment)
Always support ninja's in need of your help
Don't go in the front line unless your the last member standing still

Name (In-game and forum):
Ninja Rank:
Hidden Village:
Chakra Nature:
Specialization (Taijutsu, kenjutsu etc.):
Why do you like to join this clan:
post it below or PM me

Forum Profile Clan Code:
[url=]Maindo Clan[/url][br][br][left][img][/img][/left][br]

How to Increase Rank:
Spy Branch Requirements
*Knows 30 Jutsu's and there respective handsigns(even if its in other Chakra Nature)
*Have atleast skills in Spying
Intel Branch Requirements
*Knows 20 Jutsu's and there respective handsigns(even if its in other Chakra Nature)
*Must Apply For Intelligent Division
*Must Know Latest Issues In a Certain Village
Pm me for this
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Maindo Clan
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