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 Sandāreisu Clan

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[quote author=Yamasukage link=topic=2041.msg28132#msg28132 date=1452606770]
Clan name: The Sandāreisu

Clan logo: Sandāreisu Clan Sandareisu%20logo_zpsqfinow0e

subject to change I aint feeling it lol so send your ideas

Founder: Sandare Sandāreisu

Leader: Yamanagi Sandāreisu

Affiliation: Hidden Shock village

War Status: Neutral

The Clan History:

The Sandāreisu clan for centuries this clan has mastered taught and perfected the lightning art that many now use as a common jutsu, thisclan has been referred to as the mother of the lightning art but this was not so long ago

This clan once existed near the coast of the now called ocean village this clan never knew the peace that it enjoys now, during the age where chakra was fresh in the minds of man but yet there were those who mastered and laid claim to power that others thought where nothing more than idiot ideas by idiot man but these clans mastered what we now know as elemental art, Earth, Fire, Wind and Water the clans that controlled such power where feared and the oppressed and abused any clan the encountered , The Sandāreisu clan experienced the same pain the same fate and punishment by the a Water clan whose name has been lost in the wilderness of time the Sandāreisu clan was weak and vulnerable and where nearly driven to extinction before fleeing to the land of Gust where a wind clan offered them a form asylum for this broken clan

Years past since the Sandāreisu clan fled from their homeland but they did not flee to a heavenly home as the Wind clan treated the Sandāreisu clan as if they were nothing more than the gust that blew around them they were abused and overworked and even though they were weak the wind clan mocked the Sandāreisu clan and used them as frontliners in clan wars which led to the annihilation of all the young man involved in the wars the clan was broken and dried up and nothing but hate filled their hearts but then a young man said enough was enough.

Sandare Sandāreisu a young man who had lost his parents during the genocide by the water clan and he lost his cousin during the abuse of the wind clan thus he knew a time to act was now he fled from the land of Gust to the land of lightning, a land that was uninhabitable to the unreasonable amount of lightning that occurred during the winters solstice he soon came to a revelation that a clans strength by weather they knew elemental arts and thus he had a dream a desire to learn an art that no one knew an art that no one would believe and thus he found and answer when lightning struck the sky

10 years had passed the wind clan had struck a peace deal with the water clan the ultimatum was the exchanging of the Sandāreisu clan, Sandere got whip of this and snuck back and revealing to the clean about the peace deal, the ultimatum and his new found power Sanadare single handedly eliminated the wind clan leaving a few survivors to go and proclaim to the world of what had transpired, a few months passed and the water clan came for their package only to find a clan of lightning style users no water user that entered the land of Gust on that day was ever seen again

The Sandāreisu clan made their home in the land of lightning before the birth of the Hidden shock village and thus making it their new home and became guardians of the hidden shock

Unique traits: Blonde,White or Red hair, white, black or yellow eyes and all members bear the clans symbol either tattooed or tailored to their clothing


The Clans strenghths cannot be determined until the depth of the clans ability's are understood


The weaknesses of the clan just like the strengths will be determined based on the weaknesses of the clans elders and that of myself so all I have to say is weakness coming soon!

Rival clans: N/A

Allied clans and Orgs:

-Hadokawa clan

-The Sabaku Kuchikomi

-Nakadori clan

The Sanderaisu Pact

As the years passed, the age of war began to decay, clans formed villages, foes built new lives together and all soon became peaceful, the Sanderaisu was no different of course, as the Hidden shock began to prosper, many shinobi came and visited it and made home there

Peace, yes peace was in full swing here, and there came a time where the sons and daughters of the Sanderaisu mingled more and more with outsiders and soon bore fruit, but these things were of little concern early on as it was resolved that if a woman married an outsider, she'd have to leave and if a male married an outsider the woman would become Sanderaisu, and so this was so for a time.

All seemed well but later on the youngsters began potraying traits which were not of Sanderaisu, from black hair to pink eyes, all was not well, as their numbers boombed fear was felt by the leaders as they felt that these outsiders would overthrow the clan hierarchy and thus these outsiders were placed in certain parts of the clan, families were torn apart, kids were ripped from their mothers arms and placed in areas assigned to their primary chakra nature and named them the Outliers, but this would be more of a fuel for war then anything else.

Soon the outsiders became more hostile and tried causing mischief by launching guerilla-like attacks, the Sanderaisu sensed war and they knew it was coming, they attempted to quell the tension by offering the different groups within the Outliers a place amongst the Sanderaisu rankings, this maintained peace for a few centuries but pride grew amongst certain groups whilst hate brewed in the heart of others as they wanted more, power, they wanted control and thus a war was fought a war so bloody that it left a scar in the hearts of many.

And it was so that as the smoke settled there stood no definite winner and thus a young shinobi named Borra Sanderaisu stod firm and spoke out to all sides involved, and showed them the error of their ways, he showed that the Sanderaisu and came up with a solution to ensure the clan promoted equality and fairness, and formed:
The Sanderaisu Pact
The pact considers each chakra type and forms a mini-clan within the clan, what seperates this from the other pacts though is that one is not required to have to have that type of Elemental Chakra to be within its said group:
The Pacts
The pact reformed by Borra in a way that it would be used as a ranking system then anything else and thus any member who joins the clan, is required upon entry to choose which pact they'd like to join and in regards to the leadership of each pact, the positions are vacant but if you wish to apply for the job feel free to apply for it.

Ensign:(serves as third in command and voice of reason)[Vacant]
The Chumon represent the order of the clan and was onced governed by the pure blooded Sanderaisu, it once only consisted of lightning users, before the signing of the new pact, members of this rank follow strict orders, follow a dress-code, help organize clan issues, are constantly tasked with A/S-rank missions and are very skilled shinobi.
unique rank clothing:members are often in white cloathing with the clans logo on it

The Shogai was once refuge to the fire users which dwelt within the Sanderaisu they represented the disorder, the vile and distaste of the clan, they consisted of rebels, and were highly unorganized Ill disciplined shinobi, who loved causing mischief but were highly skilled in combat and were often called upon for missions which involved destructive brute force.
unique rank clothing:None, as they are rebels of course but they have the Sanderaisu clan logo Tattooed to them instead.

The Yasei represented the wind users within the clan and due to the clan' past history with them they were given little to no recognition but after the pact they became the eyes of the clan, they became the breath which flowed through it as they were often given infiltration duties, scouting duties and possessed knowledge and intel that surpassed that of even the clan leader.
unique rank clothing:the clan often wear black, clothing and either had a mask with the clan's symbol or a black bandana with the clan's symbol on it

The Kowareta consisted of Water users, which due to past history were hated and despised and thus they were treated like scum and dirt before Borra brought everyone to the realisation that what the Sanderaisu were doing was the exact same thing and as a result they were treated equally and due to the pact many grew to love the Kowareta and thus many joined it from fire users right down to lightning users. The Kowareta are responsible for handling and distributing missions, the shinobi's here handle clan funds, choose who should go for missions and are responsible for peace dealings with other clans.
unique rank clothing:due to their important roles in the clan they are also required to be organized hence they are required to wear blue clothing/cloaks with the clans symbol on it

The Hato once consisted of Earth users, the were treated as nobleman of the clan and were peaceful and silent during the war that took place between the Earth users, the Hato now consists of shinobi who serve as the brick wall of the clan, the provide support to clan members and help in nurturing future Shinobi and future Sanderaisu members they also protect clan secrets and forbidden, high ranked jutsu's and summoning contracts
Unique rank Clothings:The Hato are only obliged to wear brown Cloaks with clan logos for formal meetings.

The Tanken-ka was a new ranking produced by Borra Sanderaisu, he created it for those who wanted to see the world, these shinobi joined these ranks to search for jutsu,weapons, search for secrets and ultimately search for Kekkei Genkai, the often travelled in groups and returned/sent messages every week to keep the clan aware of their health.
Unique clan clothing:they often wore orange cloaks with hoodie

But after all is said and done the clans hierarchy leads straight to the main leader,
The Daimyo
- Yamanagi Sandareisu
- Tenma Sandareisu
- Borra Sandareisu

The Order
This consists of the leaders of each pact as well as the Daimyo together they compile intel, discuss important issues and missions and vote on them and to maintain peace and harmony within the clan.
current Order
-Yamanagi Sanderaisu
-[[member=23142]Skilo[/member]- Skyfr Sandareisu]

The Sanderaisu is more then these rankings, it's a family, the rankings were designed not as a tool belittle you but as a way to promote a sense of purpose and entertainment


Yamasukage - (? ? ?) Yamanagi Sandāreisu - Daimyo

Twisted_nM - Tenma Sandāreisu-Kowareta

DireMickey - Borra Sandāreisu-Tanken-ka

ItzLiru - Moo Sandāreisu

Kyleavery - Chikara No Sandareisu

FamousBryan - Kurosa Gen Sandareisu

ShadowSlayer - Setsuna Sandāreisu-Kowareta

Skilo- Skyfr Sandāreisu- Hato Leader

Sewshut- Sew Sandāreisu-Hato Co-Leader

Legacy Of The Daimyo:
As time passed the death of Sandare Sandareisu brought grief to many, but others felt a need to replace him, he was never truly the clans leader but more of a freedom fighter, but as Sandare's mourning period had ended many sought for a new leader, Borra was expected to lead it but Borra rejected it and offered it to someone else, the young and impressive Yamanagi Sanderaisu and he obviously excepted it, thus beginning the legacy of the Daimyo.
1st Daimyo:Yamanagi Sandareisu(active)

Rules: We as brothers and sisters are bound to the Kaminari sukurōru past down from generation to generation

1. Never give up, through the blistering cold, through the lifeless space and the scorching desert your pride is a measure of our clan never ever give up fight til there’s no chakra left in your soul but choose your battles wisely

2. Do not disobey an order do not disobey your superiors do not act above the clan we are a family and betraying one of us is as though you've stabbed everyone here

3. Always have an ally to accompany you on missions your life is precious and I your leader shall lay down my life to keep you alive

4 Never betray the clan , to betray a village is to be considered as a snake but betraying your clan proves how much of a disgrace you are

5. Do not strike a weak foe do not hunt the weak, do not oppress the weak for we were once weak thus we must threat others how we will have them treat us

6. Do not speak recklessly of your leader or exile shall be your fate

7. Do not break any of these rules

8. Have fun or I will kill you

To apply, leave a reply format like this:



Ninja Rank(If possible):

Desired Pact and why:

If Vacant which position would you like and why:
Nb!you don't need to have the same chakra nature as the pact you wish to join!
Chakra Nature(s):

Your dream Kekkei Genkai or Chakra Mix:

Previous Village/Current Village:

Specialization(Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, etc.):

If you don't know any of this information, just put N/A

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Sandāreisu Clan
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