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 Chiheisen Clan

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The Chiheisen Clan
Chiheisen Clan Clan%20Logo%20truesage.jpg_zps1rioryyx

Founder: Fai Chiheisen, former clan name unknown

Leader: Gin Chiheisen

Affiliation: Hidden Shockwave

Clan history: Long ago, there was a man of the Hidden Volcano Village, who was born into a fire based clan, but he himself was an Earth chakra specialist. His clan resented him, and as he grew older, he grew to disagree with his clan and village. The volcanos that were near the village sent ash to the sky in great volumes, so Dai never saw a pure sunrise until he was older and leading his own squad. One day, a fight broke out between Dai and a clans mate over the outcome of mission. The end result was Dai's banishment, cursed to walk alone until he would be killed by his former clan.

A few months passed and Dai found The Hidden Shockwave Village. The village welcomed him, and he soon found love. On a warm summer evening, Dai and his lover watched the sun set. At that point, Dai found the true value of the Horizon, splitting existence in two, and showing how everything has a place, no matter how big or small. So Dai donned the surname Chiheisen, meaning Horizon, and started a new legacy in the Hidden Shockwave. One that values balance in all things, hence its symbol, containing a triangle bearing the words mind, body, and ki. In the middle there is a Yin Yang symbol, the truest symbol of balance.

Unique traits: Chiheisen Clan members are typically Earth Stylists, but are also Lightning Stylists. All clan members have either brown, black, silver/grey, or white hair.

Strengths: The Chiheisen are proficient in Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu. Mildly proficient in Taijutsu

Weaknesses: Genjutsu is typically a weakness to the Chiheisen, and expert Taijutsu users are a detriment to them.

Rival clans: None yet

Allied clans: Sandāreisu

Rankings: Leader- Gin Chiheisen
Seneschal of the Earth Seneschal of the Sky
Aspects Twilight Guard Aspects

Explanation: All Chiheisen are put into a category, Earth or Sky. Earth stylists go into the Earth category, and Lightning stylists go into the Sky category. The most trusted of each become Seneschals of each group. The Seneschal's job is to relay info to the leader about village and clan matters that they come across. They also recommend the strongest and most trusted 3 ninjas from each group to become part of the Twilight Guard. Lastly, the Seneschals will meet with leader to discuss political matters. The Twilight Guard is a group of 6 ninjas that can be trusted with high level missions including escorting the village Kage, accompanying the clan leader to meetings that he/she (if Gin were to die and a woman took over), assassinations of deserters of the clan, and of course the defense of the village. In the case that the current leader dies, the Seneschal of the opposite group as the latest leader takes the mantle. So for example, if Gin dies, since he is part of the Earth category, the Sky Seneschal takes his place. If in the case that Seneschal doesn't want the spot, it differs to the other Seneschal. If both decline, the clan must have a vote. NO CLAN BASED MISSIONS MAY BE UNDERTAKEN WHILE THERE IS NO LEADER IN OFFICE.

Members: True Sage: Gin Chiheisen (Leader)

Rules: 1. The clan is your first priority, then the village, then your team, then yourself
2. Desert the clan or village is immediate death
3. No important information is to be withheld from the leader

To Apply use this format:
Chakra Nature:
Specialty: (Ninjutsu,Taijutsu, etc)
Why do you want to join this clan:
What can you bring to the clan:
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Chiheisen Clan
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