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 Tatsuo Toratsume

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Tatsuo Toratsume
(虎爪 竜雄)

Tatsuo Toratsume B8gy2ur

Name: Tatsuo Toratsume
Age: 19 years
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft.
Weight: 145.6 lbs
Hairstyle: currently spiky and messy
Facial hair: None
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Blood type: hh (Bombay Blood)
Primary chakra nature: Earth
Hidden Village: Morigakure
Clan: Toratsume of The Dark Forest (暗い森の虎爪)
Good or evil at heart?: Good

Description of the character's personality: Tatsuo has grown up in a Nomadic clan and hence had seen almost all the lands and experienced a lot of things throughout his childhood and Teenage life. He stays quite alert all the time and has high observation power and memory, although he is generally not interested in most of the stuff and considers them quite trivial.

During his childhood and throughout his genin years, Tatsuo wears a dark brown Kurta and grey pants. He has  a black waistcloth tied around his waist. When he becomes an official shinobi, he wears a pair of black shinobi gloves with metal plate and dark grey standard long neck shinobi sandals. His forehead protector is on his forehead and is alsogrey in color. He is seen wearing a mud brown mask when he is active in a mission, war or fight. Later, when he becomes a Jonin, he retains his grey forehead protector and dons the standard Morigakure Flak jacket, below which he wears a mud brown vest.

After voluntarily retiring from the Shinobi army of his village at the age of 19, he starts wearing a brown kurta and brownish orange pants along with his grey forehead protector, which now bears the kanji of "Wrath", to honor his alignment to Nanatsu and his new Sensei Allake Kirishima. He also wears a long black overcoat and resumes wearing the black waistcloth.

As a member of Heathen, Tatsuo keeps his post retirement outfit and adds the Black Rose logo on his kurta that he wears under the black overcoat. After Allake became the Death of Kako no Yami, Tatsuo started wearing a forehead protector bearing the Kanji for "Death".
            Tatsuo is quite intelligent, thanks to his nomadic life which helped him collect a lot of information and knowledge, but he doesn't considers himself as a good teacher and had declined the Morikage's offer to train three of the village's upcoming talented genins.
            Tatsuo has mastered the Toratsume clan's taijutsu called the Tora no Waza or the"Ärt of the Tiger" and can summon the heir of the Tiger Tribe of the Dark Forest (Kuraimorio no tora buzoku), Torosuke. He can perform Doton (earth release) techniques as earth is his primary chakra nature

Description of the character's history: Tatsuo was born to Hiroshi and Aino Toratsume in the outskirts of the Hidden hill village, where the entry of the clan is prohibited. During this time, the clan was attacked by a troop of rougue ninjas. Hiroshi, Tatsuo's father, led five of his men and annhilated the whole troop but later, succumbed to the battlewounds that he got. He was given the title of "Imperial Hero" of the clan by the "Ichitsume" (the clan chief) and hence his son was also named after his title, i.e Tatsuo (tatsuo also means dragon). When Tatsuo was six, he came to know about his father's sacrifice and swore that he would follow his example and protect his loved ones and live up to his name.
          He started training under Ryotsu Toratsume, his cousin who was 15 years older to Tatsuo. One fine day, Tatsuo observes Ryotsu performing the summoning jutsu to summon a peculiar looking tiger before he went out on his morning hunt. When he comes back Tatsuo begs Ryotsu to teach him that jutsu but Ryotsu declines, saying that before summoning a Tiger, he should first learn the Tora no Waza as the tigers, when first summoned, make sure that their summoner was an able Toratsume, othewise they would reverse summon or if angry, could even kill the summoner. But Tatsuo being adamant and stubborn kept observing Ryotsu secretly for a couple of days and finally one fine day, he escapes from the clan's settlement and after making sure no one was around, he performs the Summon, to his surprise, it was a Tiger cub that he had summoned.
               The cub was quite happy at the thought of being summoned, but at the same time, he had to confirm whether his summoner was worthy of the summon or not. But before the duel could start, they were attacked by a pack of wolves. Tatsuo and the Tiger cub try their best to defeat the pack but were soon overpowered by them. Still, Tatsuo stood infront of the Tiger cub in order to protect it. Just as the alpha wolf was about to pounce on the two of them, a strange gigantic Tiger appeared from nowhere and scared the wolves away. The Tiger introduced himself as The chief of the Tiger tribe "Torahiro-sama", the great-grandson of the legendary beast "Toraichi". He was observing his son, (the tiger cub) Torasuke to test his knowledge and skills. He also states that Tatsuo had impressed him with his guts and his attitude and offers to give him a free ride back to his settlement. Once back home, the clan members are awestruck to see little Tatsuo on the back of the great Torahiro-sama along with his son.
Later that day, as Ryota was bandaging Tatsuo, Tatsuo thanks him to teach him Summoning. Ryota gives a bewildered look and says he never taught him summoning, to which Tatsuo replies he knew that Ryota purposefully used to do the summoning everyday so that he would sneak up on him everyday, observe, learn and practice that jutsu. Ryota smiled and patted on Tatsuo's head saying that he is smart.
        Tatsuo continues training under Ryotsu for the next 7 years as he travels across the forests, mountains and villages, going through many adventures and learning and observing many jutsus.
        One day, when he was 13, Tatsuo stumbled upon Star Shizen of The Shizen Clan while practicing Taijutsu with Torasuke. He sees her as his opponent and challenges her. He stuns Star with the brilliance of Tora no Waza in close combat which makes her rethink her strategy and opt to long-range ninjutsu. As Tatsuo was yet to learn Earth release properly and he had told Torasuke to stay out of it, He could not match Star's Water Release ninjutsu and is forced to go defensive. After a long battle, Both the Shinobis (who have large chakra reserve) exhausted thier store of chakra and fall but Star manages to pull off a weak water splash at Tatsuo which catches him off-guard and he is defeated. In the end, Star helps Tatsuo get up and tells him that he was the first person to survive a battle with her. This meeting struck friendship between the two and laid the path to form allegiance between the Toratsume and the Shizen clan.
When he was 14 years old, Lord Ichitsume accepts the offer of The Morikage and the Toratsume clan becomes a permanent denizen of Morigakure. Here, Tatsuo joins the ninja Academy and graduates within an year to become a Genin and is commissioned as a member of Mori Team Two along with Akira Uteki , Ichiro Soratoko and their Jonin sensei Daichi Haruko. He passes the Chunin exam in his first attempt the next year.
           By 18, he is recommended to be Promoted as Jonin. During this time, he is sent on his final mission as a chunin to safely retrieve the kidnapped son and brother of a feudal lord, who also happened to be Ichiro's sworn brother and student. After successfully finding the boy (named Kenta) the team is Ambushed by certain hired assasins who's primary target was the boy. The team gets separated during the battle. Ichiro discovers that one of the ninja was a Morikagure Jonin and feels betrayed by the village. On the other side, Tatsuo successfully neutralizes the rogues but out of nowhere, a kunai knife flies out and pierces through Kenta and flies towards Tatsuo but he intercepts it in time and catches it before it could pierce him. At this moment, Ichiro arrives and mistakes Tatsuo as the murderer of his beloved little brother. Being heartbroken, He swears revenge on Tatsuo and leaves.
         After the mission (although a failure), Tatsuo and Akira are promoted to Jonin level and investigation is started to find out the actual killer of Kenta. Tatsuo's aim was to bring Kenta's murderer to justice and win back his best friend's trust.
But over a few missions (out of which maximum were failures), Tatsuo realizes that he is weak in ninjutsu and hence calls himself an Underqualified Jonin.
         Tatsuo voluntarily retires from the Morigakure Shinobi Forces at at an age of 19 and joins the Nanatsu, to train under the Sin of Wrath, Sage Allake Kirishima to become a better shinobi.

During this time, he comes across another Organization called Heathen, an ally of the Nanatsu and was inspired by their ideology and goals which ultimately made him join that organization and work under them to improve himself and prove his innocence to his best friend Ichiro. He is then promoted to the Captain of the Trainees as an acknowledgement to his improvement as a shinobi.

Later, due to unfavorable circumstances, Sage Allake decides to leave NANATSU. Being loyal to his sensei, Tatsuo follows him to a new organization called Kako no Yami. No sooner he joined Kako no Yami, the organisation declared war against Nanatsu. Tatsuo is deeply saddened as being in Kako, he has to fight against Nanatsu, where he has some very good friends whom he can't even think of hurting. Seeing no other option, Tatsuo leaves Kako no Yami too, just before the war. He said,

Quote :
"If I can't stand beside my friends during their bad times, I have not right to stand with them during their good times either."

The war ended in a stalemate with none of the two organisations benefiting anything from it. Allake, the death of Kako no Yami, and Tatsuo's sensei then tells Tatsuo to return to Nanatsu  as it is where he feels like home. Tatsuo then rejoins Nanatsu as the Doshi of the Fox. He now bears the kanji for "Death" on his forehead protector.
Since including a dojutsu or kekkai genkei was not appreciated, I am adding this as an additional footnote.
Toratsume clan has the dojutsu Ki-kyugan, which Tatsuo unlocks in his later years as jonin. (if possible)
Photos will be added soon.
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Tatsuo Toratsume
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