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 The Rōguhantā

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“Swift, Silent, Deadly”

The Rōguhantā Roguhanta%20logo_zpseiigntnc[/color][/center]


We are an organization based in all 11 villages that hunt Rogue Shinobi.


Yet to come.


We are an organization of protectors. We are out to rid the world of the evil that plagues it, by killing them. We hunt down Rogue ninja and turn them in, dead or alive, and get the money they are worth in the bingo book. We focus on hunting down on any powerful Rogue ninja, to prevent them causing any further havoc. We also hunt any kekkei genkai from any rogue users, in order to strengthen our organization and further our cause.[/b]

Hunt Rogue Shinobi.
Collect Kekkei Genkai and Legendary Weapons.
Protect the villages that we are based in.
Slaughter Chakra Beasts.

Unique features

Everybody is allowed to have their own clothing, but it must have the Organization symbol on there.
• We are striving to be a very large Organization that will bring peace and stability in Shinobi Life Online.


There will be 12 hideouts, 11 for each village and 1 set in a remote, unknown location for Org meetings and discussions.[/b]


[glow=black,2,300]Members[/glow] (63)

The Rōguhantā Reminance_zpsl1ygo9jg  The Rōguhantā Husky%20renewed_zpsrle4eylp  The Rōguhantā Shakira%20box_zpsrelhrwnu  The Rōguhantā Json243%20box_zpsiba9g8hy  The Rōguhantā Cedie%20box_zpsvjmkbvwd  The Rōguhantā Oie_transparent%206_zps2drgwyvw The Rōguhantā Oie_transparent%208_zpsr641sakz The Rōguhantā Oie_transparent%209_zpsr4jejayy The Rōguhantā Oie_transparent%2010_zpsuiqwsjiw The Rōguhantā Oie_transparent%2011_zpsqljm6x5d The Rōguhantā Oie_transparent%2012_zps59oa5cro The Rōguhantā Oie_transparent%2013_zpshxf1k6ds The Rōguhantā GhostParadise_zpstsc8puyv The Rōguhantā ThePinkDemon_zpsruvkomul The Rōguhantā VaprJonin_zpszawtplg9 The Rōguhantā Remirogu_zps2a28jx0d  The Rōguhantā Jcryer_zpsvd1lhup3 The Rōguhantā Zakari%20Himitsu_zps7n8h9yxy The Rōguhantā Whatasnipe%20bruh_zpslr6zpeiz The Rōguhantā Zama_zps2xq2uzcy The Rōguhantā Vizier%20The%20Gray_zpsiffjn6nk The Rōguhantā Pbucket

Shirihata - [glow=black,2,300]Shirihata Itsuru[/glow]

Beowulfsbane - [glow=black,2,300]Toshiro Kiiroissan[/glow]

NXTQuantum - [glow=black,2,300]Reizo Kagome[/glow]

Devilthekiller - [glow=black,2,300]Devil Himitsu[/glow]

Itsuki00 - [glow=black,2,300]Masaki Tsukegami[/glow]

Yamasukage - [glow=black,2,300]Yama[/glow]

Rakuzan - [glow=black,2,300]Sora Kozato[/glow]

Manuster - [glow=black,2,300]Manuster Tsukegami [/glow]

Higashi -

Kayleb -

poolmanander -

Chickenllamacactus -

Joca94 -

Zeedra -

Steven203 -

Rreid32 -

Limits -

notaks -

Uchiha Slade -  

Harrowj -

Gynx -

Nitoryu -

Benjamin -

Hiashi -

Kotetsu -

Kuri -

NaruPieceZ -

Mouni221100 -

ziskue -

Cryptonexin -

ShadowSlayer -

Sora_Taiyka -

Skyknght -

Shadowybeats -

mamoudou52404 -

Scrafty -

DarthTyrael -

Scrumpeh -

Psykho -

Skilo -

SirHats -

Jay Double U -

The Rōguhantā Tobirama%20a%20new_zpsdvcjr3hw

[glow=black,2,300]Ranks & Purposes[/glow]

Soshiki Rīdā

The job of the leader is to watch over every branch of Rōguhantā, and make sure everything is in order and running smoothly. If he dies, all of the Mura Purotekutā vote for the next leader. He/she travels around with 2 others, who make a team with him, protecting him as well. He does not have the only say in the org. He/she, along with the Mura Purotekutā make all of the decisions by vote, however he/she has 2 votes.


The three trusted members of the organization who travel with the leader, hunting rogues and protecting him as they travel.

Mura Purotekutā

These are the 11 leaders of the Organization who vote on everything related to the organization and lead the organization. There is one of these in every village, who runs the Rōguhantā branch in that village.


These are the 33 members of the organization that follow the direct orders of the Mura Purotekutā. They work in groups of 3, each Mura Purotekutā having their own group. They work as a team, eliminating the rogue ninja together. They, along with the Mura Purotekutā, eliminate rogue shinobi in the land that they work to turn them in for income.

Rōguhantā Member

The Rōguhantā Member is a regular member that helps every branch in every village.
They can get promoted when one member holding a certain spot is inactive for a long period of time.
Unless he/she has a valid reason for being inactive.

The Village Squads

Enkaigakure The Rōguhantā Whirlpool%20gif%20image_zpslmbbgndh
The Village Hidden by Ocean (short: Hidden Ocean)

Soshiki Rīdā: Reminance





Okagakure The Rōguhantā 026147ce20ca0b4a208a6b8ca620b6dc
The Village Hidden by Hills (short: Hidden Hill)

Mura Purotekutā: Manuster




[glow=limegreen,2,300]([/glow]Open Spot[glow=limegreen,2,300])[/glow]

KaminarigakureThe Rōguhantā Storm_zpsbql9ldyp
The Village Hidden by Thunder (short: Hidden Thunder)

Mura Purotekutā: Jay Double U





Morigakure The Rōguhantā Hidden%20Forest_zpszyolknj7
The Village Hidden by Forest (short: Hidden Forest)

Mura Purotekutā: Cedie





Kazangakure The Rōguhantā Hidden%20Volcano_zpsxlhsblcf
The Village Hidden by Volcano (short: Hidden Volcano)

Mura Purotekutā: Jedikan





Heizugakure The Rōguhantā Hidden%20Haze_zpsts8jqbpi
The Village Hidden by Haze (short: Hidden Haze)

Mura Purotekutā: Shadowybeats




(Open Spot)

Yukigakure The Rōguhantā Hidden%20Snow_zpspmjszi1o
The Village Hidden by Snow (short: Hidden Snow)

Mura Purotekutā: Husky





Haigakure The Rōguhantā Hidden%20Ash_zpswyzwy5tj
The Village Hidden by Ash (short: Hidden Ash)

Mura Purotekutā: Xassassin





Inferunogakure The Rōguhantā Hidden%20Inferno_zpslvwerymj
The Village Hidden by Inferno (short: Hidden Inferno)

Mura Purotekutā: Kayleb





Kinzokugakure The Rōguhantā Hidden%20Metal_zpsnprmkk8b
The Village Hidden by Metal (short: Hidden Metal)

Mura Purotekutā: Joca94



(Open Spot)

(Open Spot)

Hokorigakure The Rōguhantā Hidden%20Dust_zpso1bi4leh
The Village Hidden by Dust (short: Hidden Dust)

Mura Purotekutā: DarthTyrael



(Open Spot)

(Open Spot)

Shogekihagakure The Rōguhantā Hidden%20Shock%20Wave_zpstzmvjhp7
The Village Hidden by Shock Waves (short: Hidden Shock Wave)

Mura Purotekutā: Limits





Rōguhantā Regular Members
















Uchiha Slade





The Rōguhantā Chokara_zpsnnvofspv

The Rōguhantā Bitoku%20Icon_zpsz5wc9tel

• Yasei no Ime
• Godai Temple

[glow=black,2,300]Enemy Organizations[color][/glow]

• Katakiuchi


• Never betray the organization- It is punishable by death.
• Never tell secrets about the organization- It is punishable by death.
• If a team member is lost in battle, the rest of the Pīsukīpā select the next member.
• Never kill another member of the organization- It is Punishable by death.
• Always help your teammate!




If you'd wish to join [glow=black,2,300]Rōguhantā[/glow] then use this application format[color]

Nickname (if you have one):
What you are applying for:
If you are applying for Mura Purotekutā which village you want to be based out of:
If you are applying for Pīsukīpā who you want to be under:
Why you think that suits you:
Your first chakra nature:
Village you will start from:
Specialization(Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, etc.):

(If you don't know any of this information, just put N/A.)



All shinobi who apply before the game automatically have a spot in the Organization. Afterwards, there will be an application and a testing to see if they are qualified for the spot.

For in your profile:


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The Rōguhantā
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