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 Toichi Tsukegamo

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PostSubject: Toichi Tsukegamo   Toichi Tsukegamo I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 23, 2016 11:33 am

Toichi Tsukegami

Toichi Tsukegamo KZgA0RF

Height: 5.9
Facial hair:Nope
Hair color:White
Eye color:Brown
Blood type: A
Primary chakra nature:Wind
Hidden Village:Hidden Hill
Clan: Tsukegami Clan
Good or evil at heart?:Good at heart

Description of the character's personality: shy with stranger and get comfortable with people he knows and not really a conversation starter  

Description of the character's history : Toichi Tsukegami is part of the Tsukegami clan he was born in the hidden hill, He's mother of a disease when he was 5. So after that tragic event he fell into sadness, but not for long because there was a kid by the name of Hiro ,that open up to him and they instantly they became friends,they help each other on everything ( training and learning new jutsu, etc.), and they both pass the academy together and place in the same team.

One day they were send into a low ranked request mission but things turn ugly, they were surrounded by rogue shinobi they fought the rogue shinobi with all they could, one of their team mates got it by a kunais on both of his shoulder, so they needed to defend them self's and protect their team mate, but in the moment of the battle hiro got hit with a poison kunai on his leg, he fell to the ground in the middle of the battle but help arrive(with healers) before the rogue shinobi could attack Toichi's injury friends and in the middle of the battle, his friends were being tend to, hiro said he could not feel his legs, they tried to heal them but it did not work and they ask Toichi what happen and he answer "the kunai on his leg" they pulled out the kunai off his leg, but they could not examined the kunai in the middle of the battle and after an hour of fighting the battle was over.

After they return to the village the medical ninja examined the kunai, the final results were a poison kunai that paralyzes his legs, the medical ninjas worked on an antidote and after finishing the antidote they give it to hiro who was sitting on his hospital bed with his parents,the medical ninjas said that the antidote will take a whole day to take effect and after the events of that mission the kage send shinobi to find the person who requested the mission but they could not find the suspect and this could have cause Toichi to fall into sadness again but it didn't, it did the opposite give him a mission to become strong and find the one who reported the mission.
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Toichi Tsukegamo
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