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 The Bitoku

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PostSubject: The Bitoku   The Bitoku I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 11, 2016 8:39 pm

The Bitoku Bitoku_zpsesffq1rj

The Bitoku Bitoku%20logo_zpsof0fbnwf

The Bitoku The%20Kaishu%20Council_zps0nfqtrox

The Bitoku Humility%20Transparant_zps2eueueqq   The Bitoku Kindness%20Transparant_zps34qbe1fp    The Bitoku Patience%20Transparant_zps4urkrvwg

The Bitoku Diligence%20StrawHatSeyi_zpsvo7h7v59   The Bitoku Charity%20Transparant_zps8a2zal6g    The Bitoku Temperance%20Transparant_zpsmdfkfqx0
The Bitoku Chastity%20Transparant_zpsd5skjwq4

The Bitoku Rankings%20amp%20Description_zps7zc2ewqx

The Seven Virtues

The Bitoku Humility%20Icon_zpsavwyitihThe Bitoku Kindness%20Icon_zpsrtppyoiwThe Bitoku Patience%20Icon_zps8qswfjeuThe Bitoku Diligence%20Icon_zpsge55qbalThe Bitoku Charity%20Icon_zpsgttdg0wcThe Bitoku Temperance%20Icon_zpsqyfmhxydThe Bitoku Chastity%20Icon_zpsbgf0qadh

The Virtues, the complete opposite of Katakiuchi.
They are the Kaishū council, giving out all of the orders and choosing what to do within Bitoku.

The Bitoku Holy%20Ethic%20Icon_zpsmtolhnzdThe Holy Ethics The Bitoku Holy%20Ethic%20Icon_zpsmtolhnzd

A group of 14 elite shinobi, each Kaishū has two Ethics who serve only them.
The Kaishū member is in charge of recruiting their own Ethic, if something is to happen to the Kaishū and he is no longer in the organization, one of his two Ethic take his place.

The Bitoku Commander%20Icon_zpsyqlboqolBitoku Commander The Bitoku Commander%20Icon_zpsyqlboqol

A rank given to those who have shown they are worthy in intelligence and strength.
They command Members if Kaishū are absent.

The Bitoku Bitoku%20Icon_zpsz5wc9telBitoku Member The Bitoku Bitoku%20Icon_zpsz5wc9tel

Regular members of the Organization, they fight and help each and everyone within Bitoku to accomplish our goal.

The Bitoku Memberlist_zps5xs1u1fn

The Bitoku Humility%20Icon_zpsavwyitih

Humility Ethics

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

The Bitoku Kindness%20Icon_zpsrtppyoiw

Kindness Ethics

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

The Bitoku Patience%20Icon_zps8qswfjeu

Patience Ethics

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

The Bitoku Diligence%20Icon_zpsge55qbal

Diligence Ethics

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

The Bitoku Charity%20Icon_zpsgttdg0wc

Charity Ethics

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

The Bitoku Temperance%20Icon_zpsqyfmhxyd

Temperance Ethics

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

The Bitoku Chastity%20Icon_zpsbgf0qadh

Chastity Ethics

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

The Bitoku Commander%20Icon_zpsyqlboqol
Bitoku Commanders

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

Full Member List:

• Mercury
• Manuster
• Yamasugake
• Mars
• Reminance
• Xassassin
• Sanji
• GhostParadise
• Waly206
• StrawHatSeyi
• SirTroll
•  Jay Double U
•  DarthTyrael

Member Count:10

Affiliation: Independent

History: Yet to come

Purpose/Goals: We are the Seven Holy Virtues, who wish to destroy Yugure.
We will serve Justice!

• Rōguhantā The Bitoku Roguhanta%20Icon_zps1hyqwica

• Katakiuchi The Bitoku Katakiuchi_zpsdrxxm1ul

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The Bitoku
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