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 Mars' Ramen

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PostSubject: Mars' Ramen   Mars' Ramen I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 11, 2016 8:47 pm

Note: Joining this organisation doesn't mean you can't join others. You can be in multiple organisations at once, and we wont deny anyone even if you're a rogue ninja. There is love for everyone at Mars' Ramen!<3

Organization name:
Mars' Majestic Ramen
Inspired by Noobz

Organization logo:
Mars' Ramen GFDEqIU
Your Ramen, with you faster than the legendary Vreg!

Founder: Marsy-Kun

Leader: Marsy-Kun, Granit, Rover

Affiliation: All Villages, Mars' Ramen is a franchise!

Allies: Katakiuchi, Roguhanta, The Fujin and Raijin Food Protection Service. If you ever happen to stop by, even if you're invading the village, make sure to grab your bowl of Mars' Majestic Ramen

Enemies: No one (hopefully) Who can hate Ramen? <3

History: I don't want to die, so I decided to start a ramen shop. I then decided to provide Ramen for everyone, and make them all happy!

Purpose/Goals: Destroy the monstrous hunger of Shinobi. We will run a chain of Ramen shops in every village. You can have your Ramen served at the shop or delivered to you, even in the middle of a mission

Unique features: Lil' ramen shop hat

Pro Chef
Intermediate Chef
Noob Chef
Delivery Boy (Delivery boys will be able to train their speed whilst delivering Ramen)

Members (28): Marsy-Kun, Noobz, Higashi, Kaiwaii, Kurobuchi, Kazukawaii, Leebzie, Baenir, Jokawaii, jcawaii, Kazukawaii, Blobbyfish, granit-chan, Oozimaki-Hari, Parrydox, Zeebra, Sanji, Yammysukage, Manudder, Rover-San, Mikamika, Vwizier, Remiii, Kendrick, Mamadodo, Zama, KawaiiSnipe, DarthTyrael


1) Make good Ramen

Current Rankings:

Pro Chef ^-^: Noobz, Parrydox, Sanji, Mamadodo
Sous Chef o3o: Kurobuchi
Intermediate Chef /)'-'/): Mikamika, KawaiiSnipe
Noob Chef (~'-')~: Marsy-Kun, Higashi, Kaiwaii, Leebzie, Baenir, Jokawaii, Vwizier, Remiii, Kendrick
Delivery Boy *v*: Kazukawaii, blobbyfish, jcawaii, granit-chan, Oozimaki, Zeebra, Zama

Apply Here

Anyone will be accepted, so don't try too hard.
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Mars' Ramen
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