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Based on the future Naruto MMO, Shinobi Life Online, this roleplay site will give the characters, clans and organizations meaning. Its your shinobi life. Live it!
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The Jyuunishin have no official leader. Each member is independent. They are only bound to following the Jyuunishin's Purpose and guidelines. The members may vote for a leader out of their own choice as a group.

The Jyuunishin consists of 12 elite ninja from different villages. Each one embodying a zodiac animal, displaying the appearance and/or the personality of their zodiac. Jyuunishi have their zodiac animal's kanji tattooed on a part of their body. The Jyuunishin are known to often travel in pairs while on missions following the organizations purpose.

The Jyuunishin annihilate any major threats in the SLO world. Legendary beasts, Organizations, Rouge ninja, etc.


- Jyuunishi may never fight another Jyuunishi to death or with their full power (it would be the equivalent of 2 kage fighting). They may train or spar together.
- Be active. Jyuunishin will be a major org in SLO. As such we expect each Jyuunishi to take his/her zodiac seriously and be an active member in game.
- When you become a Jyuunishi you are then committed to the org and its purpose. You can not follow the purpose or rules of another organization. In other words we expect you solely be apart of the Jyuunishin only and no other org.

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