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Onmitsukido Dz18yTM

Organization name: Onmitsukido (隠密輝度 “Covert Brightness”)

Organization Logo:Onmitsukido UNsDoub

Founder: Secret

Leader: Secret

Contact person: Konohuro

Affiliation: Independent

Allies: The ones that pay.

Enemies: N/A

History: Unknown

Purpose/Goals: This organization is formed of secret spies, assassins. Those that want to conclude a contract with us will speak with the contact person. They pay, we get the job done. We have no allies; we are not related to any side bad or good. Those who pay more, benefit of our services, be them rogues, villagers, missing-nins or Kage.

Unique features: No unique features. We can be anywhere, anytime, next to you or behind you.

Rankings: By completing missions you will be considered more reliable, this means you will be appointed for missions more frequently, this means you will get more money. No member will know the identity of his leader nor the identity of other members. They only have to complete their task by any means.

Legion One
The Crows

These are the ones that track people, watch them and gain information about their location without being seen. Usually members of Onmitsukidō are assigned to this legion if they are inexperienced or inefficient, as the missions assigned to this legion don’t present a high level of risk or danger. Newcomers must complete several missions in this legion before advancing to other legions.

Legion Two
The Shadows

These are the members who blend into the shadow, become the shadow; the shadow of their target. They go wherever their target goes, hear whatever their target hears and see whatever their target sees, until the required intel is revealed to them.

Legion Three
The Chains

The chains are sent to capture their targets. Ordinary shinobi may become at times part of The Chains without realizing it. As this task often requires more men to be completed, the official members of Onmitsukidō may use the help of their friends to complete the mission, without revealing their affiliation to Onmitsukidō. Only the trustworthy members will make into Legion Three.

Legion Four
The Wraiths

The members of the fourth legion are not afraid to see the red within their targets spilled out. They get their job done, leaving no trace, no proof, no smell of their presence. They only bring death and then erase it.

Legion Five
The Boogeymen

They are expert interrogators. When Onmitsukidō needs information from a prisoner, Legion Five comes into action.

The left hand of God: The most valuable and the most dedicated member of the organization will become the elite member of Onmitsukidō. He will receive a salary and will be included in the Leadership system. He will also get access to the organization secret information like members list.

A member can be part of more legions.
Members: Secret

If you reveal that you are part of the organization, no matter where or how (on forum, in game or any other means) you will be kicked from the organization.

ALL members must follow The Procedure. Anyone that acts against it will suffer the consequences.
The Procedure: “I receive the task. I know the price and the target. I can refuse the mission; after accepting it there is no way back but death. I don’t question the contact person about who is the leader, who asked for the information, who pays. I do my job without leaving any trace. If I get discovered during the mission, I will be exiled from the organization. If I reveal my identity and information about my missions- even after being exiled- I die. After completing my job, I write a report that I give to the contact person. In 24 hours I will receive my full payment. If I receive message from the contact person that the payer refused to pay, I can ask information about his identity and I have the permission to kill him.  After receiving the payment I forget all the intel I gathered. I take my money and I don’t ask any question. I am dismissed. ”

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