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Katakiuchi T24fcXF

Katakiuchi 5z9mmmI

The Yugure Council Members:


Katakiuchi PUel3IUKatakiuchi Rt0zfdcKatakiuchi ZupOhR6Katakiuchi YMjpJ7D

Note: Yugure act independently from each other most of the time, however, they are unified in their serving of the group's goals.

(Click any image to go to the respective Yugure's character, or profile if they haven't made a character yet.)

Leader: None, we are ruled by a seven member council called Yugure who decide on what is best for Katakiuchi. They are named after the seven sins.

Rogue Organization

Purpose/Goals: We are the Shinobi who wish to destroy the Kages and rid of their corrupt village system. We will unite the world under our banner.

History:Several Shinobi from different walks of life came together through sharing the same ideals and values.

Yugure: Seven Member Council (see leader section)
The Umbra: A group of 14 elite shinobi. Each Yugure has two Umbra who serve only them. The Yugure member is in charge of recruiting their own Umbra. If something is to happen to the Yugure, and he is no longer in the organization, one of his two Umbra take his place.
Katakiuchi Officer: A rank given to those who have shown superior intelligence and strength. They command Members if Yugure are absent.
Katakiuchi Member: Shinobi of the group, they fight together to accomplish the group's goals.
Initiate: Recruits that must prove themselves to become a member of the organization.

The Umbra:

   Katakiuchi CxRFLvk                Katakiuchi LfF6BKH            

{___________} and {___________} {___________} and {___________}      

         Katakiuchi MgbttkS              Katakiuchi 7SBiSS4    

{___________} and {___________} {_Trafalgar_} and {___________}

     Katakiuchi LozAw5R                 Katakiuchi SDzAakR            

{___________} and {___________} {RaphoZentel} and {___________}

                                         Katakiuchi 0duR8ks

                               {___________} and {___________}

Katakiuchi Officers:
Ruffin1t, MadaraS, Rayzote

Overall Member List:
SPC, Kabuto, urmadon1, Mariusik, MadaraS, Desolator_TR, keeo7, EternalEyes, Just4Real, xSasuke, Nirasu, Arashi, Itzal, nasims, rayzote, Gronik, jovapeba, Mayumi, LoonyLovegood, Ryotenbin, Jurg3n, Ruffin1t, Shivraj, Sasaki, Nimpo, SasukeJr, irecarnate, Mandalore, Aoren, tomurn, Decapitatioooon, Jikoru, Yoshiro Ninja, dannybosa, Teamaren, Rednas, Konohuro, jawillia1987, mislav000, Ken, Hiruko, Hiroto, Twisted_nM, KanoMiwa, Vipto, FraQ, wingzi, Nas, RaphoZentel, Drasholav, Crono, tyler179, klockan, Juniorra, Taigakun, Trafalgar

Member Count: 56

Allies: Heathen

Enemies: Roguhanta, Bitoku

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