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 Kamakiri Clan

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PostSubject: Kamakiri Clan   Kamakiri Clan I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 19, 2016 5:34 pm

Clan name: Kamakiri

Clan logo: Black antler on red field surrounded by black circle.
The emblem is always placed on a white background to hinor the blood spilled on the snow to feed the Hidden Snow Village.

[glow=red,2,300][color=black][url=]Kamakiri Kamakiri Clan Lxj7Ab0t

Founder: Kamakiri Shimo

Leader: Kamakiri Chikai

Affiliation: Yukigakure (Hidden Snow)

Quick Points:
- Best clan for roleplaying as hunters.
       - Includes non-Shinobi Hunter ranks

- Water Chakra Nature
        - small amount of clansmen can choose a different clan to be fathered by, and subsequently have that clan's nature.

- Strong in ninjutsu, kyujutsu, tracking, traps and persuasion

Clan history:
The Kamakiri were one of the founding clans of the Hidden Snow, and have always been the primary providers of meat to the village, hunting anything the harsh land provides. Clan members are expected to learn to use the clan’s style bow as soon as they can hold one, how to set traps, and how to field dress and skin prey. In one of darker periods of the clan history, this would extend to opponents slain on the battlefield. Some clan members have advocated to the return of this practice as it was an effective psychological warfare tactic. It’s rumored that underneath the main house there a secret room filled with the tanned skins of enemies.

The Founder of the Kamakiri clan, Kamakiri Shimowas born in a small hunting village in the Land of Frost. When she was young girl, a shinobi clan kidknapped herfor her Ice Release abilities. Though she was then raised by them, she always felt resentful. Regardless, she married and had children. She learned everything she could about the shinobi and political arts, and had attracted a small group of followers, including others that had also been stolen as children.

With these followers, including her children, shedeserted the Shinobi clan and crossed the sea back into the Land of Frost to return to her home village, declaring all within as her family, Kamakiri. She had one goal in mind, make the Kamakiri as powerful as possible.
Using her power and skills, she took large swaths of hunting territories, enacted poaching laws, set up checkpoints on trade routes, and even did “inspection”, i.e. raids, on towns. They confiscated any food that wasn’t rice, allowing only goods that were from the Kamakiri clan. The Kamakiri ended up seizing control of the richest hunting grounds, increasing her family’s power and wealth as the sole provider of food until they became recognized by the Daimyo as a legitimate clan and an important ally.

Because she knew the usefulness of diversifying chakra natures, she also employed her own method byhaving her Kunoichi to seek out the elite shinobi of each chakra nature and seducing them. Children who were physically born into the clan were always more loyal than those kidnapped from other clans. While Kunoichi are not obligated to go on these missions, there is a special honor attached to doing so. Any children produced are communally raised.  

Fifty years later, under the leadership of KamakiriHibiki, the Hidden Snow was founded. He continued the traditions of both hunting and the Kunoichi Black Ops. He also standardized the kyujutsu training methods.

Throughout the history, even though the variety of chakra nature’s remains small, the clan contributes Hidden Snow's political leverage and military strength. By having heirs from other clans/villages, historically they have managed to displace other clan’s heads with their own members.

Unique traits:  
The matriarchal genetic line manifests strongly, therefore, all females (including those fathered by have bright green eyes with a defined inner ring of gold, and have light colored hair ranging from copper to dirty blonde to white.
 All females have water chakra nature, except for the very rare Ibo Imoto.
 Most males also present these traits, but if they were sired by another clan (Ibo Kyodai), they can take on the father’s traits. For example, if fathered by a Hatake, he would have thick grey hair, dark grey eyes, natural talent and lightning chakra nature) or a combination of both.
 Those that look like a different clan, but still have Water chakra nature are Ibo no Haji, and are regarded as failures. (This could have an interesting Naruto-esque rppotential if that member ends up being able to use Ice Release.)

The uniform is a white fur-lined vest with the clan symbol on the back. They also wear fur gauntlets, leather gloves with the first two fingertips removed and boots rather than sandals.

Secret Jutsu:
 Ketsueki Ketsugo jutsu (Blood binding technique). This is a clan secret jutsu that any water user can learn. It freezes enemy in place similar to shadow possession jutsu. To work, the caster must come in contact with opponent’s blood. (In game: after open wound inflicted with a sharp or piercing weapon, player’s hitbox touches other player’s hitbox). After the hand seals, the jutsu binds the enemy in place for thirty seconds. If the victim struggles, they will inflict damage upon themselves.

-Trap setting
-Kyujutsu (bow and arrow) Most Shinobi treat kyūjutsu as a stationary art form, so when other ninja see it employed on the battlefield may be surprised .
- Strong in water ninjutsu.
- Clan Secret Ketsueki Kesugo Jutsu
- Even though the amount of different chakra natures is small, the clan contributes Hidden Snow's having heirs from other clans/villages has increased influence over others, historically they have managed to displace other clan’s heads with their own members.
- Persuasion

- Looked down upon as chakra nature/kekkei genkaitheives.
- Specifically briefed to young male Shinobi to stay away from Kamakiri females.
- Mixed heritage can divide loyalty of Ibo members.
- Weak to lightning attacks and genjutsu.
- Fuinjutsu

Rival clans/orgs: It could be any clan that thinks the Kamakiristole their DNA, or think we’re going displace their own Clan Head with an heir.

Allied clans/orgs: Umiokami

Head House
   -Head: Chikai (Speaking Rain)
   Direct family:
   Karas (Ibo Kyodai: Fire) (Dagerth),
   Uzai (Ibo Kyodai: Wind) (Uzai)

Second House
   -Head: Shiro (Konaka)

Third House

Kunoichi Black Ops (Chakra Nature Hunters); these are not named. PM me and I’ll add you under a codename)

 Hunters (civilian) (Tasked with hunting animals and bringing back their pelts/meat to Kamakiri Butcher Shop)(Shinobi are regularly tasked with hunting missions without being in this organization)
     Big Game Coordinator:

Ibo no Haji (those that look like a different clan, but still have water chakra nature; looked upon as failures)

Ibo Kyodai (Males sired by different clan and share father’s chakra nature)
Ibo Imoto (Rare females sired by different clan and share in father’s chakra nature; regarded as warning of family’s waning genetic strength)
(Ibo Kyodais and Imotos are both honored members of clans and can be ranked in Houses)

Speaking Rain

- Do not let your prey suffer. Strike fast and strike true.
- We are not trophy hunters. Do not waste the gifts of your prey. Dress the meat, splinter the bones, eat the liver, skin the pelt.
- Ibo’s are not allowed to seek out their father’s clans. Your clan is Kamakiri. Doing so will result being labeled rouge-nin.
- Family first. Village second. Honor third.

Application to join the Clan

Character Name:
Character Gender:
Character Specialty (taijutsu, kenjutsu, ect.):
Position applying for:
Bloodline: (are you full Kamakiri or are you an Ibo?:
If so, what is your father's clan:
Chakra nature:
Link to Character Profile (if completed):

[b][glow=red,2,300][color=black][url=]Kamakiri [/b][img][/img]
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Kamakiri Clan
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