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 Fengshui Clan

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[size=18pt]Fengshui Clan[/size]

Fengshui Clan Z8AtGK9

Clan leader:

Hidden Hill

Clan history:
This clan originates from a man of peace and harmony including power named Takuzawa Fengshui.
History: After the 3rd great ninja war there was a old man know as takuzawa and he was known for his power in peace and wisdom but when it came to batteling he was deadly.Takuzawa was a strong believer in true peace and harmony.Before he would go to war takuzawa would do yin yang meditations to ease up and not be in too much stress.He was a man that didn't fear death because every battle he would fight was as if he was not going to live the next day. After years of fighting takuzawa decided he was gonna start a school of finding inner peace and hormony along with a few powers.At the age of 25 he was the strongest person in mind, soul and physical means. As he grew he kept on expanding the school until he decided to make it his clan and he gave the name Fengshui meaning yin yang (peace and harmony).

Takuzawa had a son and passed his knowledge down to his children and grand children until they grew up and taught the next generation of Fengshui. Takuzawa did not mention one thing to them but he only told his son, that if you unlock true peace and harmony the true yin and yang you would gain a very powerful power known as the Chūsainin. Takuzawa and his son makuzawa were the only ones know to be able to unlock that power,now the new generation are being taught everything besides that because the power has a dark side too. The clan's headman now is Rado Fengshui,Roda fengshui's father also known as walys older brother.There are two types of blood types in the fengshui clan, feng(yin) blood and shui(yang)blood and it is known that if feng blood and shui blood mixes an individual with one red and one black eye is born which is known to have his/her extra unique ability, their usually stronger then the usual clan members.

Unique traits:
Red(yin blood) and Black(yang blood)eyes or both

Genjutsu, kenjutsu and ninjutsu

Long range fighting,for example fūinjutu

Rival clans:

Allied clans:

Clan Members:
[member=8108]Kakashi Natsu[/member]

1.The rules are every clan memeber should master a chakra nature
2.Protect the clan members at all costs
3.Clan members know to have both red and black eyes are required to reach anbu level

1. Name:
2. Gender:
3. Specialization(Ninjutsu,Taijutsu,Kenjutsu)etc:
4. Chakra Nature(s):
5.Blood type feng(yin)or shui(yang):

Clan logo(For the ones accepted):
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Fengshui Clan
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