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 Shizen Clan

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[size=24pt]Shizen clan[/size](nature)

Shizen Clan Logo%20Shizen_zpskqksjvgh

Leader:Star Shizen

Clan history: Now a scattered and desperate clan Star searches for her brethren. Once hunted to near extinction for the unique property's of there blood, the remnants of this once powerful clan have found shelter in nature.
Becoming extremely adept at survival techniques as well as sensory ninjutsu.
After discovering the location of there ancient village, Star Finds a stone statue of a tree on a round table with 10 chairs and inscribed on the tree are just 2 words Shizen's Pawā(nature's power). As well as a strange stone with 3 clan symbels one was hers, the other a circle with a 3 claw rip throw it, and a third she can't quite make out. now Star sets out to find the Shizen clans survivors.
Chapter one.
On one fine day, when Star was following the leads and information she had gathered on one of her lost clan member, she stumbles upon a masked boy about 13 years old training in a strange jutsu with a strange looking Tiger. The boy senses her presence and throws a shiruken at her hiding place. Star successfully dodges it and tells the boy that she means no harm. But the boy doesn't believe her. To which Star says if she wanted to kill him she would have already done it. This angers the boy and he challenges Star, with the Tiger as the spectator.
The duel begins and Star is taken aback the power and technique of the strange Taijutsu the boy fights in. Nevertheless as the fight proceeds, she discovers that the boy is still weak in ninjutsu.
She begins long-range duel (water vs Earth) and is able to defeat the boy. In the end, both of them are nearly exhaust all their chakra. Star congratulates the boy and tells him you are the first person to survive after a battle with her.

Star, curious about the boys Tiejutsu, asks the boy what clan he comes from. The boy not wanting to give a way any thing important simply points to a symbols of a circle with 3 claw rips through it.
Taken aback At what she saw, she the tells the boy that in the ruins that was once here great clan, Lay a stone tablet with 3 clan symbols engraved on it. She swears that this was one of them...and under it was inscribe the word
"Honor". She introduces her self as one of the last servicing Shizen clan.

The boy introduces himself as Tatsuo of the Toratsume Clan and tells her to come with him to his clan's settlement. There he takes her to the Chief of the Clan, Ichitsume Takeshi Toratsume. She tells him about the stone tablet. Ichitsume-sama tells her that even he is baffled about this as the clan is not much old. The only information that he has is that The Tiger Tribe had once mentioned of the Three warriors of Kuraimorio (the dark forest) who used to live long ago. Now star is after the Tiger Tribe to unravel the mystery.

Clan unique characteristics:
You can always tell a Shizen by there forest Green eyes and there white or red hair. Most are fairly short and at the height of there clans fame could be identified by a green clock.

Clan Goals:To rebuild the clan. In the meen time the Shizen will most likely serve as a safe back channel of communication between most villages and as diplomats. As such will likely be privy to top secret intel.

Personality: The Shizen were peaceful and trustworthy people, striving to talk and negotiate before resorting to violence. However always shrewd and prepared to defend themselves.

Strengths:The Shizen originally were strong in wood style- however after being hunted and driven from there land (somewhere neer the hidden forest) they have developed many different chakra natures but Almost all can still use water nature. There massive chakra makes ninjutsu,and genjutsu formidable. Sencing chakra comes easy to most, living on the run has givin them a heightened sence of smell that can detect chakra. They were also world renown swardsmen, both in construction and in kenjutsu.

Weekness. Most of the Shizen have average to below average Stamina. There Taijutsu was never fully developed and was replaced with kenjutsu. And most lack accuracy in long range Shuriken jutsu.

chakra nature:
(most members must have 1 of the 2 if you want to join and be part of the 3 villages that don't have one of these two let me know)

Leaders title: Pagoda(Star Shizen)
Second: Katsura(open)
Village Representatives: Lelac(open)
Hidden hill-
Hidden forest-
Hidden thunder-
Hidden volcano-
Hidden haze-
Hidden snow-
Hidden dust-
Hidden shock wave-
The 10 ranking members will meet to discuss the villages state of emergency and clan actions. All decisions will be made by majority vote with Pagoda's vote as 2. Any clan/or forbidden jutsu will be aworded at these meetings.

Affiliated villages: All but hidden metal, inferno, or ash, and as a skatered clan all villages have some Shizen descendants among them except fire nations.

Rival clans:none
Allied clans:
Shizen Clan Tigerclaw1
[size=15px]Toratsume Clan[/size]

Clan rules:
1: clan before village!!!
You must obay the village laws Inless you are ordered to take a life of a clan member! This is the only exception..
2: All rouge Shizen will be hunted down!!!
3:If you can you must!!!
Every member of the clan must live up to the good reputation of there peaceful forefathers.
This includes rendering add whenever possible to those in need!!
4:Rouge Shizen members will be made Black Ops members to the Pagoda(those that are Rouge because of rule one)
5: Lelac officers must be active at least 2 days a week, or there position will be forfeit
6: the strong rules:
at the beginning of every 6 month's all Lelac officers will be invited to battle for the Katsura position! All bonsai members will battle for Lelac office of there village.And at the end of 6 months the Katsura and Pagoda will battle for leadership.
7:All clan members are responsible for the Financial health of the clan:
Not a lot-10 in game credits a month
No salerys will be paid out of a balance less then 600 credits.
All salery growth must be even in increments of 10 to all officers.
Salerys will be paid to:
Lelac first
Katsura second
Pagoda last
8:Lelac offices can not serve consecutive 6 month terms, Inless they are the only clan member to that village. See rule 6 to figure out the next Lelac if there are more then 2 Shizen in a village.
9:these rules can not be changed by any Pagoda, all other rules and decisions made by the Pagoda must be obeyed. But the Pagoda must obay these 9 rules.

Officer incentives
Lelac 6 month salary 10 credits/ month
Katsura 6 month salary 20 credits/month
Pagoda 6 month salary 40 credits/ month
(These will be subject to change as more members join. At the discretion of the Pagoda)
First in the clan to receive clan jutsu and forbidden jutsu.

The first from each village to join will emediately be made Lelac to there village.
If you goin and are part of a village that has a Lelac already you will be named bonsai under there village.

If you wish to join
Post a link to your character profile and I will fill your spot

Clan code
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Shizen Clan
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